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 Stretching increases Flexibility

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Do you stretch before and after you exercise?
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Stretching increases Flexibility Empty
PostSubject: Stretching increases Flexibility   Stretching increases Flexibility EmptyMon Oct 22, 2007 11:40 pm

We all know that we should be stretching before and after exercise to prevent soreness in the muscles and injury. But recently I learned about the benefits to flexibility that I wanted to share:

1. Flexibility offers more graceful body movements which will help you do many of the Flexercises especially with many of the abdominal exercises.
2. Enhances performance of sport skills
3. Relaxation of mental stress and tension --> which helps after a long day at work
4. Muscular relaxation and relief of muscular cramps and soreness
5. Improved body fitness, posture, symmetry, and self-image
6. Reduced risk of low back pain and other spinal aches and pains
7. Prevention of injury
8. Rehabilitation/Treatment of pain and injury

All in all, flexibility will help you overcome stiffness and soreness when working out and will benefit you as you continue along with Flexercise.
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Stretching increases Flexibility Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stretching increases Flexibility   Stretching increases Flexibility EmptyFri Nov 02, 2007 10:01 pm

Very true, beneficial post FitnessGal9.

I would like to know what everyone does for stretching. What is most helpful for you and why? I notice many of the Flexercises help me get stretched and become more flexible. I always feel much looser and stretched out after I exercise. I am just wondering if there is certain stretches to perform before working out? Or if it's just the stretch what feels tight like I do. Smile I like the stretching offered in the Speed, Energy and Endurance workout. I find them beneficial even when I am not running.
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Stretching increases Flexibility
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